About us

Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers is a well-organised team of professionals

Our lawyers apply trustworthy values and loyal principles in their everyday practice to create the best image for Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers.

Our vital values are:

  • to do our best for client’s support
  • to make our work maximum productive
  • to be useful for the team and for the clients.

Our employees are devoted to each of the values and keep to the company’s lookout whatever the situation.



  • Winning results

    Appropriate application of court experience predetermines objective evaluation of perspectives

  • Criminal law

    Criminal law is one of practice areas of Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers

  • Administrative law

    Once you turned to Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers for legal support in administrative law, be sure in positive results

  • Fiscal law

    Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers is a reliable consultant in fiscal law

  • Economic law

    You strive for competence in economic law? With PYSARENKO&CO, LAWYERS you will find multifaceted legal support

  • Land relationship at law

    You need qualitative attorney’s aid to manage your land plot or to formalize your land ownership rights

Why our company:

  • Eight years on the legal services market

  • All our clients are insurance prosecuted

  • We are always open to a dialogue

  • 289

    winning lawsuits

  • 417

    satisfied and grateful clients from over Ukraine

  • 1674

    effective negotiations

  • 4010

    consultations in various areas of law

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Нарешті! Я вже як тиждень власниця квартири!!! Випадок був не з легких. Це моє третє звернення до юристів, і лише тут я отримала результат, але й попрацювати довелось чимало- випадок був не з легких. Я ДУЖЕ задоволена. По моєму питанню працювали навіть у вихідні і завжди були на зв`язку! Атмосфера в офісі дивовижно дружелюбна і людяна.

Світлана Давидова, Ужгород 19.07.2016