Administrative law

Once you turned to Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers for legal support in administrative law, be sure in positive results

It is absolutely impossible for a citizen, and entrepreneur or organization to avoid contacts with administrative authorities. Moreover, when the Code of Administrative Court came into efficiency, administrative relations at law have significantly distinguished themselves.

Taking into consideration certain obstacles you may come across in the area of administrative law, it is necessary to be experienced in the issues of administrative disputes and realize the specific features of this area.

If you are inclined to settle an administrative matter on your own, you must be aware of the consequences. For the better, you will obtain improper decision on the case; for the worst, better not to risk with predictions.

Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers are the experts ready to help you to explore the administrative law, with all its complicated and sophisticated schemes of administrative relations at law.

Being aware of the importance of the problems arising from administrative relation at law between a public authority and a private or legal entity, Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers provided the following areas of administrative law support :

  • Consultations as to administrative relation at law with public, administrative, police authorities or municipal authorities, as well as preparation of claims and appeals, and judicial review of deeds and resolutions of the above authorities;
  • Control over legitimacy and accompaniment state bodies while their inspection, consultation as to either the best applicable behavioral scheme while inspection, or client’s appropriate performance in case of detection of irregularities.
  • Evaluation of the lawsuit perspectives from judicial and legislative points;
  • Legal support in case of seizure of documentation;
  • Legal support of administrative lawsuits, including road traffic accidents. The result of road traffic accidents lawsuits depends greatly on documentation accuracy. Thus, to avoid extra expences , you should turn to legal assistance immediately.

Maybe you have already faced an improper illegitimate behavior on the part of authority officers, and you are ready appeal against such misbehavior. In this case, Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers will be at great help, they are eager to effectively protect your rights in the area of administrative law.