Criminal law

Criminal law is one of practice areas of Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers

As can be assumed from court practice and rather dramatic statistics, there are cases when court or operational investigation is provided deliberately with law violation. In addition, the very documentation is quite controversial. You need professional legal support to be on the safe side, since under social and political uncertainty, the cases when advantages of administrative offices are illegally applied are growing in number.

That is why criminal lawsuit protection becomes more effective when a client facing any issue of Criminal law, or his relatives apply for qualified lawyer’s support as soon as possible.

Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers experts, when taking control over legitimacy of law enforcement agency performance, shall professionally consult you as a client as follow the satisfaction of all the client’s legal rights.

In the sphere of criminal law, Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers is empowered:

  • To consult clients in the sphere of criminal law and / or certain lawsuit, providing detailed analysis of a criminal lawsuit;
  • To provide exigent legal support in cases or emergency, such as arrest, seizure of property, police search, summons to court by policemen, procecutors, or in other cases;
  • To provide with lawyer’s protection when illegal performance of public and /or police authorities is the case;
  • To ensure juridical protection of rights and legal interests of the client, in the frames of preliminary investigation;
  • To provide with legal support at starting a lawsuit against police authorities, submitting claims and other pleas, searching for evidence with the methods of survey, gathering certificates, references and other documents.
  • To resist provocative performance on part of preliminary investigation officers;

Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers will support you in any criminal lawsuit.

Legal insecurity of an average citizen of Ukraine, suffering criminal proceeding, is a dramatic consequence of fallibility of Ukrainian legislation system in general and personal interests of public officers in particular. Efficient legal support is aimed at quick and just solution of every criminal lawsuit.