Decentralization is one of priority development directions of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

Decentralization is one of priority development directions of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

In 2015, the Ministry of Justice has started the process of its optimization with:

  • reducing its structural departments almost twice in number,
  • sacking about 20% of the central apparatus officers,
  • sacking about 10% of local apparatus officers

and, in the end of the year, boasted of the effective results of the implemented net services via which citizens order and receive certificates, references, extracts, online company registration or opening registration of business/real estate property.

2016 will be still richer in radical reform activities. This year, we have evidenced power transfer of registration of business or real estate property to municipal offices, notaries and accredited entities.

The reform resulted in complete absence of queues, and hereon – in absence of bribery options. When before decentralization, there were 529 local offices of the Ministry of Justice dealing with registration of business or real estate property, now they are 900 in number, 700 of them dealing with business areas. Moreover, as much as 6500 notaries and over 70 accredited entities are empowered to perform registration. This all is of great help for citizens in respect of professional legal support, since they can choose a registrar on their own at the same time avoiding queues and bribery risks.

Keep in mind that money from fees goes directly to the local budget, and returns to the community via building kindergartens, roads, schools, or other facilities.

Reforms are going on!

The Ministry of Justice, however, do not stay at the achieved and are eagerly implementing decentralization.

Transformation of duties of Civil Registrar Offices to municipal authority offices, accredited entities and, presumably, to notaries, shall be the next step.

This now-how is surely very convenient to citizens and alongside, a new source for local budgets, since the services are commercial. Besides, there are citizens who choose the performer, thus leaving no chances to exhausting queues, improper service and bribery.