Economic law

You strive for competence in economic law? With Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers you will find multifaceted legal support

In the course of economic activity, due to improper legal support, there are often the cases when counter agents, or authorities may violate their liabilities, or when there arise misconception concerning land plot ownership, or any other malice, and the company must nothing but start a lawsuit to protect its ownership rights.

Such contradictory cases require a competent legal analysis from an unbiased party with further unprejudiced estimation.

When working with a client, Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers apply their long-term experience and ground knowledge in the sphere of Economic law for both legal entities or private persons.

Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers have provided innumerous consultations, compiled a great variety of legal documents and supported our clients with company management, business structure, attraction of investment and leasing, risk elimination etc.

Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers give complex legal support in economic law in the following areas:

  • Legal guidance in the process of establishment, amalgamation, takeover or termination of economic entities of any form, and meanwhile consideration such factors as antimonopoly regulation, business competition, taxation, currency regulation and control, etc.
  • Development and legal support of founding parties (shareholders, participants, partners) corporate agreements on business organization and development as well as preparation and guidance of stock (shares, assets, property) agreements, option agreements, etc.;
  • Serving as representatives of economic entities in economic courts;
  • Consultation of the disputing parties as to amicable agreement of lawsuit;
  • Preparation of Amicable agreement based on the achieved compromises as to settling land, property, leasing, economic and other relations at law;
  • Professional guidance while claims or petitions preparation;
  • Legal support in court enforcement proceedings;
  • Juridical analysis and economic agreements formation;
  • Regulation of corporation conflicts.

Clear understanding the clients’ aims and proficiency in economic law, deep analysis and practical experience enables Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers assist their clients in solving personal and business problems.