Fiscal law

When it happens that you need immediate professional consultation in fiscal area, or you need warranty in fiscal lawsuits, surely you try to turn to a professional lawyer.

Our partners at Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers are highly experienced experts in fiscal law which predetermines professional legal assistance.

Applying client-oriented approach and being aware of urgent issues, our firm can propose not only formally adequate fiscal solution, but also practical one, considering client’s sphere of activity.

Why you need a consultation in fiscal law?

On the whole, proper application of fiscal law is of vital importance, since we often face alternations in the interpretation of fiscal documents.

Thus, if you are forewarned with the following information:

  • explanation of taxation sophisticated operations,
  • taxation optimization and account facilitation,
  • pre-requisites to significant fund economy while concluding an agreement,
  • you are forearmed.

What essential problems connected with fiscal law you can solve with Pysarenko&Partners?

These can be any fiscal issues that you come across:

1)In the course of commercial activity, when your goals are business requirements and current alternation in legislative documents;

  • When registering a new enterprise or re-organization of an existing one, conserving tax optimization and tax risks;
  • When submitting tax declarations or other reports including risks of their rejection or penalty for time lag;
  • When concluding international agreements, concerning double taxation in relationship with counter agents – non-residents;
  • While juridical recommendations or audit concerning taxation of an individual commercial contracts or operations, including legal deeds with movable and immovable property, intellectual property, commercial ownership rights etc.
  • When there is a need in optimization or recommendation as to taxes and duties calculation, deduction and review calculation, including pays-off according to civil or labour agreements, withholding tax, value-added tax (VAT), profit tax, import and export duty, single tax, land tax, unified social tax, etc.

2)When preparing appeals petitions or statements of claims with the further appeals against fiscal resolutions:

  • For fiscal authorities resolutions / notices or deeds to be legally and effectively reviewed by the court;
  • When the client needs legal support including in case of criminal pursuit due to deviation from payment taxes and duties;
  • When the client needs legal support or representation before supervisory authorities while reorganization, termination or bankruptcy of an enterprise.

Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers will assist you with making the right decision

When seeking for legal support in fiscal law, firm image, honesty and motivation should be considered.

Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers are highly experienced specialists. They are sure to protect their clients’ rights and find the real legitimate wayout of any fiscal matter, however dramatic it may seem due to fiscal law nuances.