Land relationship at law

You need qualitative attorney’s aid to manage your land plot or to formalize your land ownership rights.

Such need is connected first of all with the so called “land boom” that has recently burst out in Ukraine due to various investment projects on land plot housing development or sale.

Land is one of the most hazard spheres of economic activity demanding considerable investments and monetary contributions, thus connected with essential commercial risks. Professional legal guidance from Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers is crucial on the way to reach legal clearness in land ownership cases.

Consultations provided by our company to solve different problems connected with land relationship at law

Land relationships at law are regarded legally complicated and not every lawyer or lawyers company deal with them in their practice. Since legislative database in Ukraine is far from being perfect, it is difficult to follow the latest amendments to law documents, and consequently to find the right solution, predict negative effects and consider all the possible results.

Only experienced and highly qualified professionals which are Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers can help you with legal support in different areas of land relationships at law.

We propose:

  • Legal guidance in sale-and-buy operations, land distribution or land function alternation;
  • Written and oral consultations, attorney’s repost on the case, legal support at preparation of documents, petitions, letters, contracts etc. connected with land relationship at law and land ownership rights;
  • Legal analysis of documents of entitlement for the land plot or their extracts;
  • Consultation and legal support in cases of land plot taxation;
  • Legal support in solving land relationship in the pre-trial order;
  • Representation of client’s interests in his relationship with organizations on project and permission documentation;
  • Preparation and support in lawsuit, including trials against state and municipal authorities, etc.

Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers will provide you with highly professional legal guidance.

Legislative basis of land plot ownership relation is rather diverse, and it is really difficult for a citizen to manage all the juridical nuances emerging in the course. Turn to us, and our lawyers will help you to prepare, check and submit the necessary documents on land relationship at law, as well as to control the process of these documents’ consideration. We can also represent our clients and their interests to reach positive legal resolution.