Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers is a well-organised team of professionals

Our lawyers apply trustworthy values and loyal principles in their everyday practice to create the best image for Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers

Our vital values are:

  • to do our best for client’s support
  • to make our work maximum productive
  • to be useful for the team and for the clients.

Our employees are devoted to each of the values and keep to the company’s lookout whatever the situation.

The values of Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers predetermine the key issues our company keeps to. They are:

Client-oriented activity. Interests and demands of our clients are the starting points of our each project and each stage in the process of our company development.

Team work. Productivity of any work grows considerably with team cooperation. We attract only the best specialists and try to create favouring working environment .

Multi-area activity. Although each lawyer is a professional in a certain practice area, he also possesses necessary skills to deal with matters in other areas. Such multi-area activity enables to satisfy wide range of requirements and solve clients’ various problems.

Improvement. Our firm never stops at the achieved. We are developing our professional skills trying to exceed clients’ expectations.

To fulfill this, our lawyers attend seminars and trainings conducted by the most qualified specialists.

Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers often participate in training discussions organized by legal associations to dispute over and get professional clarification of a certain regulatory document.

Since Ukrainian legislative database is far from being perfect, it is very important to find clear understanding and trustworthy interpretation of controversial legal documents.

Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers hold membership in Ukrainian non-governmental organization “Association of Lawyers of Ukraine”, are fluent in English and other European languages. Each of our partners can complete the client’s task and carry out deep juridical analysis of any legal issue, both on his own or in a cooperating team.

In agreement with the Law of Ukraine “On Attorneys”, Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers facilitates obligatory internship at attorney practitioners to be afterwards awarded with Certificate of Attorney.

Due to clear worked out strategy of our lawyers’ proficiency improvement, we can cope with impressive laborious projects.

In Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers we understand that every client and his request is unique and thus requires individual approach and treatment.