Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers is you firm legal protection

Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers are always ready to help you

Trustworthy practical experience;

Impressive knowledge basis;

Continuous and persistent analysis of alternations and amendments to original juridical documents;

Detailed analysis of test court cases

add up to conviction that our legal aid will be essential.

In modern world, anybody may need legal assistance, either a business entity, corporation or just a private citizen.

We are ready to provide you such prompt competent legal assistance.

In 2008 our firm started it activity and our basic principles were responsibility and multi-area proficiency. Having passed theses complicated stages of development we can boldly state that we have earned our perfect image and enduring trust of our clients only thanks to out deeds.

At present, the wide range of issues arising in different areas of law, and cooperation in which we can propose you, deserves professional respect.

Why Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers?

Realising needs and potential problems of our clients, our firm is ready not only to provide them with competent legal analysis and juridical estimation of the case, but also advice such mechanisms of the problem solving or prevention which are the most profitable and the least time and perspectives consuming to the client.

Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers is a team of dynamic, talented and competent experts aimed at achievement of corporate goals in the harsh legal market environment.

During the years of effective performance, our firm has become a reliable partner to our clients, implemented important long-term projects, embraced a wide range of services in the areas of economic, land, corporate, labour and fiscal law, and our proficiency has only benefited.

This explains why Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers hold membership in Ukrainian non-governmental organization “Association of Lawyers of Ukraine.

To achieve desired results, it is necessary to constantly develop and improve professional skills of our partners, implement new methods, work out complex and non-standard approaches to solve the established problems and timely react to alternations and amendments to juridical documents.

Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers approve individual approach in work!

We want every our client to be aware that he has a trustworthy chance to solve his problem timely, competently and – which is important – positively with us.

Our advantage as distinguished by our regular clients, is multifaceted approach to a matter, with clear estimation of current and potential risks as well as individual principle – we claim that every single case is individual. This is possible only at coherent professional and responsible cooperation of the team.

We wish you success on your way to juridical victories!

We are always ready to help you!