With Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers you are guaranteed against improper juridical service

The problem of improper legal support has always been challenging to Ukraine. According to statistics, almost every second or third client in need for legal support, complaints of dishonesty and negligence of legal service.

This, however, does not refer to Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers

Our lawyers scrupulously keep to such notions as:

  • Compatibility;
  • Oath;
  • Legal ethics;
  • Attorney-client privilege;
  • Analysis of deeds predetermining full or partial deviation from professional liabilities.

Realizing that the quality of legal service may be estimated intuitively judging only the honesty and ethic decency of a lawyer, or on the contrary his irresponsibility, deviation from legal assistance or other deeds, but evidence of which are unavailable, Pysarenko&Partners experts guarantee their professional responsibility.

Irresponsible attitude to one’s professional liabilities hides the following hazards:

  • It can result in clients descend;
  • It can destroy image of the firm;
  • It can provoke competitive disability which is prevailing factor for firm trustability.

Due to individual approach and personal creativity, no one can evaluate either the index of productivity of a lawyer or effective consequences of his consultations.

To eliminate any of the above deviations, on the grounds of the Law of Ukraine “On Attorneys”, Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers ensure both detailed agreement on legal support and trustworthy protection of our liabilities before clients.

All the partners working for Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers regard proper fulfillment of their professional liabilities as the determining factor of trustability of the firm.

All in all, concluding from practical experience, cases of improper legal support can be subdivided into two types:

having received advanced payment, legal firm does not provide its client with the determined services, or even is unavailable via any means of connection;

a firm has received the payment, concluded an agreement and started working; but the resolution of the court was unfavourable towards the client, and he remained unsatisfied with the firm’s work.

None of these is the case with our firm. We always conclude the appropriate agreement with our client.

In the agreement, firm’s detailed liabilities and responsibilities are indicated, keeping strictly to ethic and legal factors. Moreover, the concise checklist of firm’s liabilities for improper performance eliminates any manipulations and increases client’s trust.

Pysarenko&Partners, Lawyers insure its liabilities at an insurance company, so that it warrantees the Client complete fulfillment of all the conditions of the agreement.